Safety and protection has become a very important factor nowadays. When it comes to safety it is the women that deserve much attention. Our site provides with both personal safety as well as home protection for you and your family members. Safety and protection apps and websites received increased importance in the media after the Delhi gang rape case and constant protest against molestation and mistreatment of women.



Another issue that our website is focusing on is home protection. This is about keeping your family protected and safe against any kind of violent and abusive situation. If you find any kind of such outburst around you or your house, a safety plan is the most important way to protect yourself and your family in the event of such violence.


There is some features of this safety plans. They are as listed below:

  • You’re Name.


  • Contact information of two people.


  • Reset contacts.


  • Create shortcut.


  • Safety instructions.


Our company provides some different features for women as well. Most important feature of our site is that it doesn’t require any GPS and internet connection. This is done keeping in mind that in emergency cases victims are unable to use their phone, automatic alert SMS facility is provided so that actions can be taken immediately. In time of emergency you just need to click the “safety” icon on your Home screen, Emergency SMS will be sent to your near and dear ones. Get interesting information about the best online from www.safetytechspy.com .


Three wonderful features that are provided are:


  • Manual Emergency SMS: states location, area location of user.


  • An emergency SMS will be sent after 2 missed calls from the person registered in your contact information between 9pm to 8pm.


  • Avail immediate help from the nearby police stations.



Our site dictates plans stating all specific actions that are to be taken in the time of emergency and to ensure the safety of everyone involved. No one can stop the actions of others, but this safety plans can help protect you and your family in the time of crime. Be sure your children know the plans so that they can use it when you are not there with them.


Our aim is to raise awareness of the personal safety so that the people get the knowledge of leading a safety life. Our safety plans are easy to use. Now there are few of these but some more plans are coming up to provide more benefits.